Denis Chera

As you already know, my name is Denis. I was born in 1992 in Moldova (Eastern Europe) where I live now. My passions are game development and music. I've graduated university with bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology. My native language is Russian and I also speak English, Romanian and little bit German. If we talk about games, I can do almost everything except coding (check my portfolio). As for the music - I play guitar, little bit piano, fluete and singing. Married.

Feel free to download my CV (it may be outdated, all the valid information you can find on site).

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What I Do

  • Game design:planning, balancing, creating mechanics, team management, review code/art/music/sound, QA, narrative design, diagrams and charts, documentation, Unity/UDK/GameMaker
  • Sound design:Folley, mixing, recording, synchronization with video
  • Pixel art:game graphics, animation
  • 3d Modeling: modeling, texturing, animations
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Pixel Art


3d Modeling